The Descendants of Seth Ward

Sheffield's heirs and the families they joined


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8 Is it possible that Elizabeth is Elizabeth Elam -- some records show she married Richard Edward Ward
Elizabeth (P684)
9 Thomas Ward is listed as owning 100 acres in Surrey County in the 1704/5 quit rents --- this may be the son of Richard Ward (1663-1724). Also shows a Thomas Ward owning 100 acres in James City Co.

Ward, Thomas (P1427)
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Henrico Records, 1677-99, p. 181\par
"At a Court held at Varina, Ap'l ist, 1698, Richard Ward complains against John Stewart, Jun'r, in a plea of debt for that, that is to say the s'd plaintiff & defendant did on the 12th day of June Last, covenant and agree in the following words : "It is Covenanted and agreed this 12th day o{ June, 1697, Between Mr. Richard Ward of the one part, in Hen'co Co'ty, & John Steward, Jun'r, of ye other part in ye same Co'ty : Witnesseth, that the aforesaid Mr. Richard Ward doth hereby covenant, promise & agree to run a mare named Bony, belonging to Thomas Jefferson, Jun'r [Grandfather of the President], ag'st a horse now belonging to Mr. John Hardiman, named Watt, the said horse & mare to Run at the race-place com- monly called ye Ware, to run one quarter of a mile. And ye said John Steward, Jun'r. doth hereby Coven't Sz agree to Run a horse now belonging to Mr. Jno. Hardiman, of Cha : City Co'ty, the said horse named Watt to Run ag'st a mare belonging to Thomas Jeffeison, Jun'r, named Bony. The s'd horse to give the s'd mare five horse Lengths, Vizt : that is to say ten yards. And it is further agreed upon by the parties above s'd, that the s'd horse & mare are to Run on the firstdayofJulynextEnsuingthedatehereof. Anditisfurtheragreed upon by the parties above s'd that if the s'd mare doth com.e within five Lengths of the fores'd Horse, the fores'd John Steward to pay unto Mr. Rich'd Ward the sum of five pounds Sterling on Demand, & the s'd Richard Ward doth oblige himself that if tht; afores'd horse doth come before s'd mare five Lengths, then to pay unto the afores'd John Steward, Jun'r, the sum of six pounds Sterling on Demand. It is fur- ther agreed by the p'ties aforesaid, that there be fair Rideing & the Riders to weigh about one hundred & thirty Weight, to the true p'formance of all & singular the p'misses, the p'ties above s'd have hereunto set their hands the day and year above written."\par
"And the plaintifi' in fact saith, That pursuant to the afores'd agree- ment, The s'd horse & mare, to-wit : The horse named Watt, belong- ing to Mr. John Hardiman, & the mare named Bonny, belonging to Mr. Tho. Jefferson, Jun'r, were by the s'd pl't'f & Def'd't brought upon the afores'd Ground to Run upon the first day of July, and the word being given by the person who was appointed to start the s'd horse & mare. The afores'd mare, with her Rider who weighed about one hundred & thirty weight. Did Leap off, and out running the afores'd horse came in first between the poles which were placed at the comeing in of the s'd Race, commonly called the Ware, one quarter of a mile distance from the starting place appointed; and was by the s'd mare, with her Rider of about one hund'd & thirty weight as afores'd, fairly Run.\par
"Wherefore the afores'd pl't'f saith that the afores'd Mare, Bony, with fair Running & Rideing, according to agreement. Did beat the s'd horse Watt, and that according to the true meaning of the s'd agreem't he, the s'd plaintitT, hath Woon the wager, to-witt: the sum offivepoundssterlingoftheafores'dJohnSteward. Andthereupon he brings suit ag'st the afores'd John Steward, Jun'r, & demands Judgem't for the afores'd sum of five p'ds Sterl., with Co'ts, &c. To which the Defend't, by .Mr. Bartholomew Fowler, his aUorney, appears and upon oyer of the plaintiff" declaracon pleads that he oweth nothing by the covenants, &c., and thereof puts himself upon ye country & ye pl't'f likewise.\par
"Whereupon, it is ordered that a jury be impanelled & sworn to try the issue, To-witt: Thomas Edwards, Wm. Ballard, Phill Chllders, John Watson, Edward Bowman, Will Hatcher, Amos Ladd, John Wilson, Phill. Jones, Edw'd Good, John Bowman.\par
"Who Returned this Verdict: We find for the plaintiff. Upon the motion of the plaintiffs' attorney the s'd Verdict is Recorded, & Judgment is awarded the s'd pl't'f against the Def'd't for the sum of five pounds Sterling, to be p'd with Costs, als Ex'o."} 
Ward, Richard (P693)